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Dec 15th, 2015

Anne writes:

Hi Mike,

My boys started hockey this year with the GRIT IP/Novice camp. While it is obvious that they are brand new to skating and hockey, I am pleased that Mike and the other kids were supportive and not discouraged that my boys took longer to do the drills than the others. My youngest boy has found the love of the game and expressed to me that he wanted to "play more hockey."


I am not sure if Mike sensed that about my youngest or not but he approached me and told me about the Before and After School camp. He said it would be good for my boys and that’s where they would learn a lot and gain the skills they needed to catch up with the other kids their age. I spoke to my boys; the older one has lost interest in hockey but my youngest one jumped up and down with excitement at the chance to be on the ice 4 more times per week.


I admit I was timid about signing my son up for the Before and After School program as I knew the majority of the kids in it were older and way more experience. I quickly changed my mind. My boy absolutely LOVES this program and so do I! I'm amazed at how quickly he is progressing and most importantly how much fun he is having with GRIT. He is learning so much about hockey and the other kids are fantastic!


The older boys are often patting my little guy on the head and telling him how great he is doing. When he shoots at the net they cheer him on and celebrate with him when he "scores" during scrimmage. Yesterday one of the older boys came up to me as he got off the ice and said, "tell Joey he is doing awesome!" My heart smiled big to see that our community is blessed to have such amazing and thoughtful young people in it. We are so lucky to have GRIT Hockey here to help mold youth into respectful young adults and kick ass hockey players!


Thank you to Mike, his team of coaches, and every GRIT kid. With your support and guidance, Joey is definitely discovering that Hockey is his passion and he - Has What it Takes!

"Quote from GRIT parent"

June 3rd, 2015

Mike writes:

Hi Mike,

 We used to walk through the rink on early Saturday mornings during my son’s first stint with hockey in IP-2 and we would hear a very powerful and pretty demanding sounding voice echoing through the rink, he would look up to me and say,  “Daddy, I don’t wanna play with that guy he sounds mean.” I would say back to him, “...someday you’ll get it bud.”

Then once he started having you as a Coach the kid would come home and ask me the same question maybe 10 different times, “… did Mike play in the NHL Dad” or “I only wanna play for Mike Dad “ and “ Mike is the best, Dad.”

Pretty cool to be his Dad and don’t have a single issue with him thinking you are that awesome. What you and your team are doing for not only my son but for all of our local kids in the community is pretty amazing in my opinion.

 I look forward to the years ahead for my son as part of the Grit Team !!

 Thanks for all you and your team do for the community!

"Quote from 4on4 Tournament parent"

Apr 3rd, 2015

John's FB post: Great end to a fantastic weekend! Everyone played hard today and team PEI (2006-09) pulled out two hard fought and extremely close games to end the day Grit Hockey 4 on 4 Champions! This weekend could have went to any team, great team balance and organization as can be seen by the number of 1 goal and tie games that took place! Of our 8 games played, 6 were decided by 1 goal (one in overtime) and one was tied! Exciting and nerve wracking hockey for all!

"Quote from 4on4 Tournament parent"

Apr 3rd, 2015

Kimi's FB post sums up the comments around the RVCC the last couple of days: Great Job Team Ontario (2001-05)!! Grit Hockey 4 on 4 Tournament Champs!! Mason loved his Goalie!! 2 x 10 hour days of hockey with not a single complaint and tons of great sportsmanship!! So proud of both my boys and all the players who participated. Thanks to Mike and all the organizers who made such an exceptionally fun weekend!

"Quote from 4on4 Tournament parent"

Apr 7th, 2015

Kris writes:

Hi Mike,

    I wanted to reach out and give a “stick tap” for the 4 on 4 tourney. Great team balance, great organization, and the kids had a great time.

     I wanted to share that what impressed me the most was how great the 01-03 kids were with the younger kids (04-05). What a fantastic bunch of kids. They were so good to the younger kids, everything from just talking to them about their game, showing them different things in the dressing room, how they prepare, playing different motivation speeches for them, and just talking to them.

    I just can’t say enough how impressed I am. Not once did they have the attitude of “your just a little kid” they really embraced them as a team. Hats off…I know Shawn and I talked about it a few times, it wasn’t just our team Alberta but your sons team too Ontario as we were in the same room…..Again, great bunch of kids.

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